Stupid and Mean

Posted: February 9, 2007 in Happenings, Perspective

Buckingham Gate

Not something you like seeing on TV:  A picture of house less than 100 yards from my own.  I pass this house nearly every day leaving my neighborhood.  I guess no one in our neighborhood really knew that this house was a place of abuse, violence, drugs… all the things you don’t normally see in a neighborhood like this.  But all day long, there have been police cars and news trucks/vans in the neighborhood monitoring this house.

Short version of the story:  Abusive husband (allegedly) shoots wife in the face with a shotgun (not actually in this neighborhood, but in J-mo’s).  Woman is pregnant.  School where their daughter goes was under lockdown.  Latest news (as of midnight) is that she’s critical (but stable), child is in police custody, husband has been caught, and there is no word yet on status of unborn child.

I didn’t know these neighbors.  At most, we would wave at them and they would wave back (sometimes) when they drove by.   Just a friendly neighborhood greeting that people in the suburbs do…wave at neighbors.  So it freaks us out a bit that something like this could develop here.   So we’re all caught up in it…

But what really bothers me is this:  Stupidity coupled with a mean temperament is never a good thing.  Mean is willing to shoot your wife.  Stupid is actually doing it (in broad daylight, no less, with witnesses around).

 Stupid + mean = the other guy I read about this morning who put his nearly 2-year-old daughter out of the house in the middle of the night in 20-degree weather, where she froze to death – all because he was bothered that the child was keeping him awake.

Stupid + mean = the quadraplegic kid who harrassed a younger kid last week (for no apparent reason) from his car in a neighborhood where we used to live.

I’m just calling it as I see it.  In all my moments of rage and anger at my wife and kids, I’ve never imagined shooting them, leaving them out in the cold to die, or tormenting them for no reason.  What the crap is wrong with someone that they would go as far as some of them do??

Here’s a scary thought:  These headlines are the ones we know about.

What’s even scarier though, is there might be mean, stupid people everywhere who simply haven’t made the headlines yet.

  1. THE J-Mo says:

    Yeah, thanks for the heads up call yesterday about the incident. I hadn’t looked at the news that morning yet and was in the dark about it. I heard there were police all up and down my street blocking it off in the hours after the shooting. Nothing like a little drama in the neighborhood.

  2. At least that guy turned himself in.

  3. Arlene says:

    What a horrible horrible story…all of them! I hate hearing about things like that, and it really does make it worse when it’s right in your neighborhood!

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