Icy reception

Posted: February 9, 2007 in Perspective, Weather

Alas, another snow opportunity thwarted, even if it was only a small chance.  Come on New York, share some of that 100+ inches you’re supposed to get this year.  Here, there’s nothing but a little freezing rain and sleet so far.  As I’ve said before, snow=good; ice=bad.  You can’t drive on ice if it gets bad.  So far, it’s not bad.  But we’re in a Winter Weather Advisory until 2 p.m., so who knows. 

Stupid people down here in the south think you can drive on ice like you can on snow.  Wait, they can’t drive in snow, either.  So it’s probably a good thing they close all the schools.  Keep the kids away from stupid people trying to drive sideways down an embankment because they “thought they could make it.” 

In his blog, Dave asked an interesting question:  Do you know your neighbors?  After the domestic malfunction that seemed to grip Decatur yesterday (see post before this one), it’s a legitimate question to ask.  It’s scary to think about what people are going through.  But can tragic events like this be avoided if we did more to reach out to people and connect with people?  Connect them with something larger than they are?

It’s all about the mission…


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