Lessons in duality

Posted: February 7, 2007 in Happenings

I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  Who doesn’t?  Technology has made our lives easier.  Technology has made our lives more difficult.  The perspective changes all the time for me.

I love technology:  The new Sony HDV camcorder for the church arrived yesterday.  It is a sweet-looking piece of technology, which is light years ahead of the Samsung home-video-only model we’ve used to film most of our videos in the past (with the exception of borrowing Kyle’s pro-grade gear).

I hate technology:  My desktop computer must have a personality.  And a mean one.  Because I’m in the middle of a project, and – SNAP – the whole system instantly shuts off.  This is followed by a lovely error message that there’s a problem with my CPU, my RAM, or my motherboard.  “Hardware failure” is never something you want to see on a screen.  This message used to pop up only once every few weeks.  Now this is happening several times a day.

But this hatred will probably be short-lived , since my new desktop should be arriving soon.  I will probably fall in love with its speed/power and the 20″ widescreen LCD I ordered with it (to clear up space on my desk).

This love will probably last for years.  Or at least until the computer delivers its first major snafu, and the hatred will return.

Crap, the battery’s dying in my laptop.  Stupid laptop.

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