Colts vs. Bears vs. Nintendo

Posted: February 4, 2007 in Church, Happenings

Had a big Super Bowl party at my house tonight.  No one really cared about the game, though.  Sadly, I think we’re more excited about the commercials than the teams that were playing this year.  Okay, Manning got his Big Game win.  But between the fumble-fest and Prince’s butchering of Foo Fighters and Jimi Hendrix tunes, it was more fun to watch the guy in the FedEx commercial get wacked by a meteor on the moon.

The real excitement was upstairs, though, where the teenagers were parked in front of the 32″ TV playing WarioWare on  Robert’s Wii and Guitar Hero on the PS2.  Most of the night, there were more people up there than there were downstairs in front of the big TV.

Went over to Dave’s at one point, but they seemed nearly comatose as they were slouching on various couches and chairs.  A well-placed sigh by someone would’ve been pretty funny (to me, anyway).

Food was good at both houses, though.  Typical Super Bowl food:  Chips (w’ cheese dip), meatballs, hot wings, etc…

J-mo, buy me a Wii.

  1. THE J-Mo says:

    Oh man… I had two plates full of food. Mainly the KFC (3 legs and a thigh I think), meatballs, weenies, cheese and handfuls of Ruffles. YUM!

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